Wood Countertops

Bar seating with overhang
African mahogany island

Not all countertops in the home are necessarily better with stone. An eat-at island or a peninsula top might seem better suited to the warmth and feel of wood. After all, your elbows and forearms might appreciate the seemingly warmer temperature and softer feel of a wood surface over longer periods of time.

Literally, the ‘warm’ surface of a wood dining table is something we all have enjoyed at one time or another. Many kitchen designs allow for the modern dining table or bar top to be integral with the cabinet layout. We build ‘plank style’ (the individual ‘planks’ are wider – 6”-12” and therefore show off the real beauty of the wood) countertops to compliment your kitchen. It is our feeling that a well thought out wood section of countertop can only add to the beauty and function of a kitchen.

Also, remember that a smaller built-in section of butcher block can increase the hard working nature of your soapstone countertop. An integral wood cutting section merely needs an occasional mineral oil application in the same manner as soapstone. Other non-food prep wood tops may require a Tung oil finish to preserve its beauty and performance.

With good design and construction, wood countertops give many years of service. Our favorite species tend to be North American hardwoods such as cherry, maple, red and white oak, red and yellow birch, black walnut and ash. Of course mahogany, teak and other more exotic woods also can make a statement in your kitchen. And, although not always easy to acquire, reclaimed woods of many species is a fun challenge for potentially stunning effects.

In our opinion, nothing makes a statement like stone and wood surfaces in the kitchen. Past customers have reported that not only do their well-oiled soapstone and wood countertops function well but they enjoy the appearance and feel of these materials together.